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Founder and Advisors


Byre Gowda

Founder and Lead Yoga Instructor

With the goal to share the knowledge of the multi-dimensional nature of yoga, Byre Gowda began his journey in yoga and founded Maruthi Yoga Kendra in 2011. In ten years, he has trained 7 batches of yoga instructors and countless students — making yoga more accessible and the students more self-sustainable.

Asuri Dr. K. Rangaraja Iyengar


Guruji is the published author of The Science of Yoga Mudras and multiple research books on yoga . He has given a series of lectures on Yoga & Mudra in universities around the globe. Every year since 1992, he travels to the USA to conduct yoga classes and lectures on Gita.

Veena Angadi

Advisor and Yoga Therapist

Interior Designer turned Yoga Therapist, Mrs. Angadi returned to Yoga during a time of loss. Through yoga therapy, she has assisted folks over 8 years to learn to heal, grow, and become the best version of themselves. To her credit is the treatment of patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. She has been training yoga instructors at Maruthi Yoga Kendra since 2015.

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Human Resources Team


Muktha H.N.

Human Resource Manager

Muktha has 8 years of teaching experience as a School Certified Yoga Teacher from VYASA University. She has taught Yoga for Kids — conducting camps and activities during the summer. With knowledge of Yoga and Human Resource Management — she is the perfect amalgamation for our HR team.

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Maruthi Yoga Kendra Staff

Meet our Passionate Instructors


Anupama Y

Yoga Instructor and Dietician

Anupama is an experienced and passionate yoga instructor with over 6 years of experience with advanced training in Hatha & Bihar Yoga traditions. She is committed to providing extensive instruction and counseling to her clients in their journey of finding inner peace and discovering their healthiest selves.


Gayathri Guruprasad

Yoga Instructor and Singer

Gayathri is a Certified Yoga Teacher from (S)VYASA University. She has been a yoga practitioner for 8 years with a mission to spread the knowledge and wisdom of Ashtanga Yoga. After choosing Yoga over corporate life she has become a happy human who does what she loves to do.


Lakshmi V

Yoga Instructor

Lakshmi is a passionate yoga teacher with over 3 years of experience in teaching yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor from VYASA with a yoga wellness instructor certification from Bihar Yoga.


Veena Srinivasa

Yoga Instructor

Veena has completed a B. A and B.Ed. She received her Yoga Instructors Certification from VYASA University. Veena has been practicing yoga for 4 years and teaching for 2 years. She supports working professionals and homemakers in their journey to live healthier lifestyles.

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